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Updated date:November 16, 2017

How is the nature of Fujisan preserved?
Who provides the safety measures that are there for the climbers?
We need the strength of everyone so that Fujisan can be a mountain that people from all over Japan and the world can climb safely and enjoyably.
We ask for all of your help.

If everyone helps protect it,
Fujisan will become even more beautiful.

How to Participate in Fujisan Conservation Donations

Donation amount: 1,000 yen (basic donation)


Which ascending route and area will you traverse to climb Mt. Fuji?

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Climbing route guide map

On-site payment

  • Period: (Yamanashi Prefecture) Jul. 1 - Sep. 10
  • (Shizuoka Prefecture) Jul. 10 - Sep. 10
  • Yamanashi Prefecture: Fuji Subaru Line 5th station, Mt. Fuji Yoshida 6th station, Fuji Hokuroku Parking Area
  • Shizuoka Prefecture: Fujinomiya Trail 5th station, Gotemba Trail 5th station, Subashiri Trail 5th station, Mizugatsuka Parking Area

Convenience store payment

  • Period: Jun. 1 - Sep. 10
  • (1) Seven-Eleven (2) Family Mart (3) Lawson (4) Circle K (5) Sankus (6) Mini Stop
  • * Complete the application at the multimedia terminal that is installed at the store. Then collect the ticket that is issued at the cash register and present it at one of the above on-site payment locations.
  • * The multimedia terminal displays are in Japanese only.

Examples of How Fujisan Conservation Donations are Used

These donations are used not only for preservation of the Fujisan environment, but also for the safety and support of everyone climbing it.

  • Fujisan environmental preservation

  • Protection of thenatural environment
  • Bio-toiletsat mountain huts
  • Temporary public toilets
  • Climber safety

  • Helmets and gogglesis case of eruption
  • Safety guides
  • 5th Station General Administration CenterFujisan Safety Instruction Center
  • Climber support

  • First-aid stations
  • Support for foreign climbers(such as interpreters)
  • Providing informationabout Fujisan

Other uses include manners education signs, studies of new technologies for Fujisan mountain hut toilets, repairs of safety fences on the descent route, installation of multi-language voice guidance terminals, surveys of climber trends, and videos promoting safe climbing and environmental preservation for climbers from Japan and overseas.

The donations are not used for maintenance and management of toilets at mountain huts and other locations. These expenses are covered by toilet tips. When you use a toilet, please leave a tip.

2016 Results

Thank you to everyone for their cooperation.