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Updated date:November 16, 2017

World Cultural Heritage Fujisan Vision

The vision gives the overall vision for operationalizing a management system in order to manage the property both as an entity and as a cultural landscape, including the participation of local communities in the preservation and utilization of the World Heritage property.


  • To manage the World Heritage, Fujisan, which consists of 25 component parts, as an entity and as a cultural landscape.
  • To operationalize a management system in terms of preservation and utilization with the active participation and contribution of the entire local community.


  1. Management as an entity
    The 25 component parts are treated as an entity and the relationships among these component parts are clarified from the perspectives of both their spiritual and aesthetic qualities. Integrated management is implemented, maintaining the scenic views of Fujisan from the two representative viewpoints (Nakanokura Pass on the northwestern shore of Lake Motosuko and the Mihonomatsubara pine tree grove).
  2. Management as a cultural landscape
    Efforts are being made to fuse social needs between lives, livelihoods, tourism, and recreation on the one hand and maintaining spiritual and aesthetic qualities that constitute the Outstanding Universal Value on the other hand. A harmonious solution will be found to address the conflicting issues between them, from the perspective of treating the component parts and the buffer zone as a cultural landscape.
  3. Roles of the Local Community
    • To clearly understand the Outstanding Universal Value of the property and recognize the significance of the World Cultural Heritage.
    • To participate in discussions, practices, and inspections on an ongoing basis.
    • To clearly recognize mutual roles and effectively participate in, and contribute to, the preservation and utilization of Fujisan effectively.
    • To provide information to visitors and climbers in general and encourage positive attitudes toward preservation and utilization.

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