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Updated date:November 16, 2017


In line with the following, specify the strategies and methods for solving issues and making improvements, based on the definitions of preservation and utilization which reflect management methods for Fujisan as an entity and a cultural landscape.

  • A. To set out approaches to address conflicting needs between "access and recreation" on the one hand and "maintaining spiritual and aesthetic qualities" on the other.
  • B. To set out approaches to show how the overall series can be managed "as an entity" by drawing together relationships among the component parts and stressing their links with Fujisan.
  • C. In light of points A and B above, to set out conservation approaches for "a cultural landscape" that pay attention to the relationships among Component Parts that capture the overall series as one whole.

Concurrently, the approaches and strategies are to be clarified for addressing or improving problematic situations and monitoring indicators are to be strengthened in order to keep track of the state of their implementation accurately.

Individual strategies and methods for each relationship have been stated since all of the aforementioned, particularly A and B, are mutually related, and some parts of the strategies and methods are inextricably linked.

They are structured as follows: