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Conservation Initiatives

In order to manage the Fujisan World Heritage Site, which consists of 25 component assets, as an entity and as a cultural landscape, the following initiatives are being promoted.

Delineation of Pilgrim Routes

The areas of the pilgrimage route that are no longer used will be identified, and the mutual relationships among assets communicated.

  • Surveys and Research into the Pilgrimage Route

Visitor Management

The carrying capacity of ascending mountain trails will be specified, and measures that encompass the foothill areas will be implemented in order to achieve favorable methods for climbing Fujisan.

  • Research into Capacity and the Establishment of Indicators
  • Implementation of Private Vehicle Regulations
  • Establishment of a Fujisan Conservation Assistance Fund, etc.

Conservation of Trails

Comprehensive preservation and management of mountain trails, huts, and tractor paths to maintain the sacredness and beauty of all mountain trails will be promoted.

  • Mountain Trail Patrols, etc.


Information related to the outstanding universal value of Fujisan, as well as appropriate information on its conservation, will be provided.

  • Establishment of Fujisan World Heritage Centers
  • Training and Employment of World Heritage Site Guides, etc.

Risk Management

Protective measures against eruptions, floods, and other natural disasters are being promoted.

  • Response to Damage from Eruptions
  • Establishment of Erosion Control Facilities,  etc.

Development Control

A balance between conservation and development under appropriate regulations will be maintained, in order to protect the pleasant scenic landscapes of Fujisan.

  • Promotion of the Removal of Utility Poles, etc.


Monitoring indicators will be established, not only to gain an understanding of the adverse effects that assets are subject to, but also for the purpose of reviewing the effects of the strategies enacted to solve issues and make improvements, as well as for revising such strategies as necessary.