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Updated date:November 16, 2017

Fujisan Comprehensive Preservation and Management Plan (January 2016)

The Comprehensive Preservation and Management Plan, which targets assets and their surrounding environment, was formulated owing to the fact that it was deemed necessary to establish basic policies and methods for the conservation and utilization of Fujisan, in which various assets shall be managed as an entity and as a cultural landscape, while reconciling societal demands for tourism and recreation with the maintenance of the "sacredness" and "beauty" that constitute Fujisan's outstanding universal value. Such an approach will be observed in order to ensure that the outstanding universal value of the assets will be passed onto the next generation.

The plan describes the current conditions of the properties and the surrounding environment, and organizes the problems that need to be solved from the perspective of "an entity" and "a cultural landscape". The plan also specifies the course of action for the integrated preservation and management of the properties as "an entity" and "a cultural landscape", as well as the measures for solving the problems that need to be solved, in order to ensure the preservation and management of their Outstanding Universal Value based on two perspectives: as "places of worship-ascent and pilgrimage", being an object of worship, and as "viewpoints and views", being a source of artistic inspiration.

It also specifies the plans of action and detailed processes for the actual implementation of the measures for the preservation and management of the property and the conservation of the surrounding environment.

In order to understand the state of preservation and management of the property and the conservation of the surrounding environment, monitoring shall be carried out using appropriate indicators with respect to the implementation and execution of measures and policies that are based on five items outlined in the basic policies 1-5 in the above. As a result of that, in the case that adverse effects have been either verified or have been predicted to occur, countermeasures will be drawn up and carried out in order to swiftly remove the cause thereof and lessen the effect thereto. In the event that the implementation of measures and policies are delayed or the effect thereof cannot be seen, an appropriate review of the content of measures and policies and their process flows will also be carried out.

This Plan consists of the Main Document, which contains the ten chapters; Attachmed Document 1, summarizing The Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties, Natural Parks Law, Law on the Administration and Management of National Forests which provide the legal basis for the property preservation and the overviews of individual plans established in close relation to these laws; Attachmed Document 2, providing standards of permissions in laws and regulations which serve as the ground of preserving the properties and the surrounding environment; Attached Document 3, containing the ICOMOS evaluation for Fujisan (Japan) No. 1418 and the Decision of the World Heritage Committee at its 37th session (37.COM.8B.29); and Attached Document 4, containing the Vision and Strategies, which have been prepared for the purpose of further advancing the preservation and management of Fujisan.

Fujisan Comprehensive Preservation and Management Plan

Composition and structure of the comprehensive preservation and management plan (Main document)



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