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Updated date:November 16, 2017

Delineation of Pilgrim Routes


  • Survey and research systems will be established and substantiated mainly by the Fujisan World Heritage Centers to not only identify the areas and pathways of the pilgrimage route that are no longer used, but also to show the mutual historical relationships among assets. The results of surveys and research conducted up to the present will be summarized, and cities, towns, and villages will be provided advice and guidance.
  • The results will be systematically and gradually reflected in the Interpretation Strategy to make visitors easily recognize and understand the mutual relationships among assets as components of a "Sacred Place"and "Source of Artistic Inspiration”. In addition, lectures in collaboration with school programs will be conducted, and exhibitions, research presentations, and similar activities will be held at museums, art galleries, etc.

Main Initiatives

Delineation of Pilgrim Routes on the Lower Slopes of the Mountain(PDF:2,450KB)

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