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Updated date:November 16, 2017

Development Control


  • Landscaping plans and regulations will be formulated by cities, towns, and villages to spur people to social action toward conservation. Administrative procedures will be completed, such as prior consultations and deliberations, for all development activities in buffer zones that have comparatively lax regulations pertaining to the size and location of buildings and other structures. The effects of regulating development will be accelerated based on an early understanding of the stresses from development and necessary adjustments. In particular, Yamanashi Prefecture enacted bylaws for the assets and buffer zones on the Yamanashi side of the mountain, including the Fuji Five Lake region, which require strict regulation of development according to the evaluation of ICOMOS in 2013 (WHC-13/37.COM/INF.8B1, ICOMOS Evaluations of Nominations of Cultural and Mixed Properties to the World Heritage List/Fujisan (Japan) No. 1418). These bylaws require developers to carry out surveys, measurements, and evaluations with regard to the impact the development would have on the landscape, in cases where the development project exceeds a predetermined scale. This requirement was set to regulate development and to contribute to the preservation of the landscape.
  • For areas that require independent landscape improvement, drastic countermeasures will be systematically implemented only after steady progress has been made in the implementation of immediate countermeasures. (maintenance of Oshino Hakkai and the Shiraito no Taki waterfalls; maintenance of the Yoshida Entrance 5th Station; preservation of the Mihonomatsubara pine tree grove, etc.)

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