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Updated date:November 21, 2017

Conservation of Trails


  • Mountain trails and huts represent the origins of mountain worship as an act of faith, while tractor paths are indispensable elements for managing the huts; owing to these facts, comprehensive preservation and management methods which focus on the harmonious and complementary relationship among the three will be promoted.
  • Ensuring that the measures indicated in the Visitor Management Strategy for mountain trails are correctly implemented will not only minimize the effects that visitors have on them; it will also provide a firm understanding of their present condition through patrols based on the Fujisan Mountain Trail Patrol Operating Procedure, and enable maintenance and repair using materials and methods that take the scenic landscape into account.
  • Improvements to the huts shall be made based on an understanding of their condition, in order to ensure that they blend in with the scenic landscape. Improvements to the tractor paths shall also be deliberated and considered by all parties concerned.

Main Initiatives

Overall Conservation Approach for the Upper Access Routes and Their Associated Huts and Tractor Routes(PDF:273KB)

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