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Updated date:October 26, 2018

Visitor Management


  • The following targets, objectives, and indicators have been set, with UNESCO's manuals for managing World Heritage Sites (World Heritage Papers 2002) and some developed overseas national parks as references. Results will be monitored accordingly.
  • Visitor management will be carried out, focusing on the determination of the carrying capacity of ascending mountain trails, while establishing the following "Favorable Methods for Climbing Fujisan". This shall be done in consideration of the fact that it is extremely important for visitors who climb Fujisan using various mountaineering styles to experience first-hand its outstanding universal value, as shown by its characteristic "sacredness" and "beauty".
    • Inheriting the cultural mountain climbing traditions that originate from mountain worship in the 17th century
    • Maintaining the pleasant scenic landscapes along the mountain trails and the area near the summit
    • Ensuring safety and comfort when climbing the mountain
  • In order to achieve the "Favorable Methods for Climbing Fujisan", surveys and research into the carrying capacity of the ascending mountain trails were conducted over a three-year period from 2015 to 2017. Multiple indicators, and the ideal standard for each of these indicators, shall be established until July 2018, based on the viewpoints of 1. Inheriting cultural mountain climbing traditions; 2. Maintaining scenic landscapes; and 3. Ensuring safety and comfort when climbing the mountain. The number of climbers each mountain trail can accommodate in a single day shall also be taken into consideration.
  • Measures will be implemented to provide information for alleviating the number of climbers who tend to concentrate at the summit on certain days and times, and for ensuring the climbers' safety. Recognition and understanding of the mutual relationships among assets will also be facilitated in strict observance of the Interpretation Strategy. Tours of the foothills will be promoted, including those that lead visitors and climbers to the assets at the bottom of the mountain, as well as to surrounding tourist spots.
  • The measures and indicators will be regularly evaluated and reviewed to improve and make progress in visitor management.

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